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DSC 3799  Sixth Street Bridge  6thBridge  Sixth Street Bridge - "Mini Poster" Border & Text Included  0266  West End Bridge  BR001  Fort Pitt Bridge  1871BW  Fort Pitt Bridge Black and White 
2224P1  18 ST BRIDGE  18th Street Bridge - "Mini Poster" Border & Text Included  2227  2902  Fort Pitt Bridge and City  29020810MF  Fort Pitt Bridge and City - "Mini Poster" Border & Text Included 
DSC 0276  18th Street Bridge from Strip District  DSC 1690  Fort Pitt Bridge from Carson Street  DSC 2217  DSC 3532  Img0039 
Img0214  18th Street Bridge Front  Img0226  18th Street Bridge from North Side  Img0232